Board of Directors

President: Matthias Schifferli, Dipl. Ing. ETH / SIA

General Secretary: Silvio Foiera

Member: Massimo Ferrari Dipl. Ing ETH / SIA

Member: Ramon Alexander Bahman Dr. Ing. ETH / PhD


Advisors and other functionaries

Delegate to the President: Aurelius Bahman

Translation German-French: Annette Ritter, Ritter Traductions

Graphics and videos: Roberto Luzzani, Amilia Entertainment


Vacant positions

  • Seats on the board of directors
  • Accounting
  • IT/Website (with Support of WeServe)
  • Translation German-English, Translation German-Italian
  • Representation of SwissMetro-NG towards politics/ networking with politicians
  • Creating and sending newsletters
  • Organisation of events and excursions
  • Organising/co-operating with major events/public presentations on SwissMetro-NG
  • Recruitment of members and search for sponsors
  • Managing Facebook and Instagram accounts
  • Writing texts for consultations / official bodies
  • Design of demonstrations of the scientific principles of SwissMetro-NG
  • Press officer German, English, French, Italian
  • Answering enquiries (D,E,F,I)
  • Representing the association at talks and events and lectures
  • Update Wikipedia entry (D,E,F,I)
  • Creating masks, T-shirts and other merchandise