SwissMetro-NG is a politically neutral non-profit association (NG = New Generation)

From Berne to Zürich in 12 Minutes!
From Geneva to Berne in 12 Minutes!


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A Vision for Switzerland

The aim of our association is a modern sustainable ultra-fast transportation system, which will unburden the existing railways and highways and also fulfil the requirements of the 21st Century (CO2, energy efficiency, sustainability, etc.). It is about connecting the urban centres without diminishing the charm and beauty of the picturesque landscapes and the historical cities of Switzerland. SwissMetro-NG eliminates the resistances instead of fighting them by burning more and more fuel. Ultra-fast (supersonic) speeds become possible, sustainable and economically feasible.

Pressing Problems


Congestion and disruptions are increasing

Our Roads and Railways are already overwhelmed. This causes unacceptable economical losses due to traffic jams on the roads as well as disruptions and delays on the railway networks.

Is „More of the same“ the Solution?

Grandiose and expensive expansion-plans are being developed to eliminate the capacity-bottlenecks of the roads and railways. They are not being criticised here. Nevertheless, we ask: do we want more of the same?

Our space is limited


Not only the infrastructure, but also the use of our landscape is reaching its limits. More transportation infrastructure is not tolerable. Adequate Space must remain reserved for living, livelihoods and relaxation.

The Solution: SwissMetro-NG


Underground with ultra-fast speed through Switzerland

SwissMetro-NG is sustainable, safe, fast, quiet and environmentally friendly. The vehicles drive in an underground vacuum-tunnel. Very high speeds and an extremely high energy-efficiency are attained by eliminating the resistances. The network can be extended step by step.

Possible Networks


Variant 1: The first network connects the most important cities with single tracks (thin lines)

Variant 2: Network with dual tracks on the main lines (thick Lines) and single tracks to connect the South.



Variant 3: This is how the fully extended network could look like.
(include additional regions, connect on to neighbouring countries, increase in capacity).
(single track = thin lines, double track = thick lines)


A new feasability study is needed!

Thinking today about tomorrow

Mobility is a part of the problem in Switzerland and the world. SwissMetro-NG will be a significant part of the solution. The Mobility is dependent on infrastructures, for which the planning and implementation needs a lot of time and governmental participation.„Gouverner, c’est prévoir“ (“Governing means looking ahead”) applies here in a very special mass. We must begin today to lead Switzerland on a path to a CO2-neutral and sustainable future.

Promoting a Distributed Concentration

The existing cities and agglomerations should be efficiently connected and consolidated within the scope of our urban and regional planning. The free and undeveloped landscape can be protected in this way. SwissMetro-NG is completely underground and does not impact the landscape in any way. It does not require any expropriations and it is not visible during and after the construction.

Reasons for a new feasibility study

The Swissmetro-studies of the former Swissmetro Ltd. of 1999, which were done by the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology (EPFL, ETHZ) and Swiss engineering and industrial companies, only need to be updated. The influence of new technologies in the field of Mobility must be clarified and integrated according to the resolutions of the Swiss Federal Council on the development-steps 2035. The basis for a new feasibility study for SwissMetro-NG is thus already on hand.