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Berne to Zürich in 15 Minutes!


Why a feasability study SwissMetro-NG?

In the eighties, under the lead management of scientists from the ETH Lausanne, the Swiss took a first attempt at building an undergroung Swissmetro. Since then a quarter of a century has passed. Within two generations the population has increased by 50% to 8,4 Mio. Inhabitants. Mobility has increased even more. An end to this development is not in sight. In light of these developments, it is at the time to re-examine the question.

A SwissMetro-NG is part of the swiss public transportation network. It frees up the present rail network of its intercity-traffic and thereby makes space for a better coverage of the major urban centers and the middle sized towns. The construction and operation of a SwissMetro-NG combines the new possibilities of BigData, modern communication technology and industrial tunnel construction into a new, innovative transport system.


Pressing Problems


Congestion and disruptions are increasing

Road and Rail are operated in many places and during many hours well beyond their capacity limit. This results in national deficits, be it becaus of congestion on highways or as a consequence of an increasing number of disruptions on the rail network, which comprimise the reliability of the Railway.

Is „More of the same“ the Solution?

For road and rail there exist ambtious and sumptuous expansion plans to eliminate our capacity bottlenecks. They should not be called into question. Nevertheless the question arises: And after that? More of the same? 

Our space is limited


Not only our infrasturcture, but also the usage of our landscape is at its limit. Even larger transporation infrastructure in this surroundings and with a sensitized popultaion is no longer feasible.

The Solution: A SwissMetro-NG


In a quarter of an hour from Berne to Zürich – from Sion to Neuchâtel – from Chur to St. Gallen


In SwissMetro-NG the transport vessels are brought to high speed within a network of tunnels under vacuum. Vacuum reduces the friction to a minimum, so that the system is extremely energy efficient. A Swiss network should not only serve the present big agglomerations, but also carry this accessibility into the alpine regions and the Jura.


Example of a network

A feasability study is neccesary!

Start thinking today, about the future of tomorrow

Therefore a feasability study

Promote decentralised concentration

The world stands at a turning point, driven by the shear unlimited possibilities of data-storage and -processing, the new social networks and their societal impacts.  In contrast to these technological developments, the mobility of goods and persons relies on infrastructures that require a lot more time and government involvement to plan and implement. "Gouverner, c’est prévoir“ is particularly applicable here.

The urban planing of Switzerland strives to concentrate the further population-growth to a limited number of well developed cities and agglomerations. This is the only way to protect the pristine landscape. A SwissMetro-NG is fully subterrane and will be vitrually invisible when completed.

Numerous arguments speak for resuming the in 1999 interrupted studies to a completely new underground transportation-system of a SwissMetro-NG. Within the framework of the composed federal resolution «Expansion step 2035» taken in 2019, the influence of the new technologies in the mobility sector should also be considered. The foundations for starting and funding a feasability study «Vision Swissmetro-NG» offer themselves here.