Overview of SwissMetro-NG

A presentation on the idea and technology behind SwissMetro-NG.

Mobility and Spatial Planning 2050

Statement of SwissMetro-NG on the partial programme "Sachplan Verkehr" of the Mobility and Spatial Planning 2050 sectoral plan at the ARE (Federal Office for Spatial Development): Statement (10.12.2020) (D)


Consultation AS2030/35

SwissMetro-NG took part in the consultation on the 2030/35 expansion stage of the federal railway network for the attention of DETEC.

Consultation Text (20.12.2017) (D)

Medienmitteilung (D)

Communicato Stampa (I)

Communiqué de Presse (F)

Federal Council resolution of 10.05.2017 on 17.3262 (D)

FOT study list with regards to STEP 2030/35 (see "Einfluss neuer Technologien im Mobilitätsbereich") German | French

Speech by state councillor Konrad Graber (LU) on SwissMetro-NG in der summer session of the council of states 2017:

Supplementary initiatives and reports:

Parliamentary motion 19.4443 Plan on measures to increase the share of public transportation in overall transport.

German | French | Italian

Landscape concept for Switzerland: adaptation to the needs of the time (federal planning instrument)

Press Release ( German | French | Italian ), Report ( German | French | Italian )

Transport Outlook 2040, Federal Office for Spatial Development 2016

Vision Mobility Switzerland 2050, ETH-Zürich und University of St. Gallen, 2015 (D)